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On a fast track to build technical/operations centers across the country, the cable company contracted with Citadel Group, an alliance of eight “best of class” regional construction companies in 15 cities that joined together to meet the needs of national clients. Krusinski Construction Company, a member of Citadel Group, was awarded one of the largest of these centers – a 63,000-square-foot warehouse, payment center and production studio that would consolidate four or five smaller centers in the area.



The project offered a number of challenges. Tests showed that soil conditions would not support the structure as originally engineered. At the same time, the budget was fixed (Krusinski was operating under a guaranteed maximum price contract), and scheduling was critical. The building had to be completed in eight months to meet moving demands of all of the consolidated centers without sacrificing service to Comcast customers.



First, knowing that pilings or caissons would slow down the project and bring costs over budget, Krusinski opted for simple spread footings that provided adequate support by distributing the structure’s weight over a larger area. Second, working with a network of trusted subcontractors, with which the company has long-standing relations, Krusinski was able to negotiate highly favorable contracts. Through careful scheduling, any time lost to the footings redesign was made up as the project went along.



The building came in on time (with two days to spare) and under budget. Krusinski Construction Company has since received numerous additional contracts from Comcast in the Midwest.


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