Warehouse / Distribution

Krusinski Construction Company completed the build out of a 438,000-sf warehouse and office fulfillment center in Crest Hill. Some of the more interesting aspects of the project, aside from the fast-tracked schedule, include the removal of three building corners, 24 precast panels and lowering the existing building footings so that (21) new dock positions could be added. Further, (40) levelers were added at pre-designed locations and the (36) existing manual dock levelers were upgraded to hydraulic bringing the building total to (97) new hydraulic leveler positions.


A 4,000 amp electrical service was upgraded with an additional 2,000 amps to accommodate 425 tons of RTU cooling, 6 new HVLS fans, 10 pit charging stations and a 22,000-sf office space. The entire system is reinforced with a 2 MW diesel generator to prevent work impediments.


Improvements of the 24-acre site include an additional 320 car parking lot, 2 guard houses, an expanded entrance, LED site lighting, security fencing around the perimeter of the truck yards as well as an employee bus stop.


Ford & Associates Architects

Square Footage:



Crest Hill, IL