Santa Monica Seafood-Maryland

Food & Beverage Warehouse / Distribution

Interior renovation of an existing 25,000-sf multi-tenant occupied facility for our long-time and repeat client Santa Monica Seafood.


Following a partial demolition, the facility was fitted with the proper underground plumbing, electrical service, floor drainage, and sanitary lines to accommodate cooled and freezer spaces, packaging lines, ambient rooms, refrigeration equipment and doors rated for temperatures ranging from negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to a glycol system, the facility also features epoxy floors for durability, encased temperature lights across the various heights and office space.


Krusinski Construction’s expertise working with local and state officials to pass the strict health department inspections for this industry made our team a strong partner.


This facility accommodates the growing production, packaging and storage needs for Santa Monica Seafood.


Design Group Facility Solutions

Square Footage:



Elkridge, MD