Krusinski Construction Company has completed an interior renovation project for one of its repeat clients, Santa Monica Seafood, one of the largest seafood distributors in the U.S.


This project had a fast-track schedule and consisted of renovating a 25,000-sf multi-tenant occupied precast facility in Elkridge, Maryland. Following a partial demolition, the facility was fitted with the proper underground plumbing, electrical service, floor drainage and sanitary lines to accommodate cooled and freezer spaces, packaging lines, ambient rooms, refrigeration equipment and doors rated for temperatures ranging from negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 42 degrees Fahrenheit.


The renovation also included a 4,460-sf office buildout, reinforcement of existing steel, addition of insulated metal panels with concrete curbs, polyurethane floors, a newly installed glycol system and encased temperature lights across various heights.


“We are excited to see that Santa Monica Seafood continues to expand its operations nationwide. We are equally excited that Krusinski Construction continues to support Santa Monica Seafood by providing expertise in these type of projects with unique and stringent requirements,” said Brian Heinrich, Krusinski Construction Project Manager.


Krusinski Construction’s effective collaboration with Santa Monica Seafood and local and state officials led to successfully passing the health department inspections required for these types of projects.


This facility was renovated in only four months and now accommodates Santa Monica Seafood’s growing production, packaging and storage needs.


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