Vice President Mike Metz recently celebrated his 30th anniversary at Krusinski Construction Company. Hired in 1991 by chairman Joe Krusinski, Metz is now the longest tenured employee in the company. 


Metz has successfully managed nearly 18 million square feet of construction work during his tenure, including some of Krusinski Construction Company’s largest and most challenging projects for clients based locally and nationally.


“The loyalty and commitment the company has shown me is what makes me want to come into work every day and give it right back,” Metz said about the company.


As Krusinski Construction Company approaches its 50th anniversary in 2023, Metz is leveraging his experience to prepare younger team members for the company’s future growth.


“Mike’s dedication to our core values, his leadership, and his loyalty are trademarks of his work ethic and an enormous contribution to our success,” said Joe Krusinski, Sr.


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